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Brantley County High School

Future Business Leaders of America





Region II Conference:
    Jeff Davis High School hosted the Region II Conference this year.   Fifteen of our members participated in the various competitions.  Twelve of those will advance to state competition.
Fall Leadership Conference:
    Eight delegates from Brantley County High FBLA attended the Fall Leadership Conference in Atlanta, November 19 and 20, 1999.  Those attending the leadership conference came away really excited and enthusiastic about FBLA.  There were great motivational speakers who really inspired the FBLA officers.  The meetings encouraged our officers to return home and share their enthusiasm, enter competitions, and make a difference in our local organization.
1999 Region Motivational Rally:
     Seven of our officers attended the Region Motivational Rally in Hazelhurst.  The Rally was held at Jeff Davis High School and was hosted by Jeff Davis FBLA.  At this rally, the participants had the opportunity to attend workshops on "Insurance," "How to Conduct a Job Search," and "Job Interview."
1999 National FBLA Conference:
     One of our advisers, as well as one of our members, represented our school at the FBLA National Conference last summer in Chicago, Illinois.
1999 FBLA State Conference:
     Last spring, 20 members from Brantley County attended the state conference.  Highlights of the trip included two members progressing to FBLA National Level Competition.