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Brantley County High School

Future Business Leaders of America





Officer Installation Ceremony:
    The Brantley County Future Business Leaders of America held their officer installation on September 21, 1999.  The candlelight installation ceremony was held at Jeff Davis High FBLA.  The installation ceremony was followed by refreshments.  All members were invited to attend.
General Club Meetings:
     At our school, clubs are allowed to meet once a semester during the actual school day.  Other general meetings/activities are held about once a month after school.
Membership Meeting:
     An initial chapter meeting is held at the first of school for anyone interested in joining or learning more about FBLA.  At this meeting, our male officers dressed up as wrestlers for the Tom Wat World Wrestling Federation, and our female officers walked across stage displaying tips for selling Tom Wat.  This was done to motivate our members to sell Tom Wat merchandise.
Class Orientation Meetings:
     Every fall our Administration holds an orientation meeting for each class.  At these orientation meetings, items pertinent for that class are discussed.  Every student organization has the opportunity to send representatives to each of these meetings in order to promote their club.  This year our President attended each of these meetings and encouraged students to join FBLA.   He discussed meetings, activities, projects, and socials as well as the goals of FBLA.
Executive Board Meetings:
     The chapter held executive board meetings twice a week at the beginning of the year to plan and discuss upcoming activities such as fundraising, member recruitment, officer installation, and planning for our area fairbooth.  The Executive Board meetings are now held when needed.
Rush Week:
     Our chapter participated in "Rush Week" activities in order to encourage students to join FBLA.  During this week, we visited classrooms, utilized our recruitment video, sponsored a social, and held our first meeting of the year.
FBLA Week: 
     Our chapter promoted FBLA Week by holding a Bowling Party, sponsoring a "Job Shadow Day," taking a field trip, and having a guest speaker to come in.
Go for the Gold:
    Our chapter participates in the national award program "Go for the Gold."  Some activities we fulfilled in order to win this recognition were inviting a school official to participate in a chapter activity and participating in a chapter activity and participating in fundraising projects.  We have received this recognition for the past five years.
Ice Cream Social:
     All FBLA members paying his or her dues during rush week were treated to an "Ice Cream Social" after school.
New Teacher Gifts:
     We gave the new teachers here at Brantley County High School a warm welcome.  We presented them with a Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus as a small token of appreciation.
Winter Bowling Party:
    During FBLA Week, we sponsored a bowling party for our members at King's Lanes in Waycross.
Christmas Pizza Party:
     On December 14, 1999, we invited our members to an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.  After the party, we attended a home basketball game, as a group.  This year's party was extra special because it was provided by the Pierce County FBLA chapter.
Wild Adventures Trip:
     We are currently planning a trip to the Wild Adventures Theme Park in Lake Park, Georgia.  Members will be able to ride amusement rides, listen to a concert, see the animals, and have fun.
FBLA/CBE Employer Appreciation Banquet:
    The officers and members of our organization utilized their leadership skills to carry out this banquet.  Employers, parents, administration, and special guests made positive comments about the success, maturity, and motivation of our students.
Okefenokee Agricultural Fair Educational Exhibit:
     Every October, our club enters a booth in the Okefenokee Agricultural Fair.  This exhibit is placed in the "Junior Community" educational division where we compete against other youth organizations in neighboring counties.
Decorate-A-Pumpkin Contest:
     Our club held its annual pumpkin decorating contest in October.  Members were challenged to make their entry look like their favorite teacher.  The winners received a pair of movie passes.
Business Social:
     FBLA members were treated to a "Business Social" in May to practice their table etiquette skills in a professional setting.